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Hi! I'm Blake, a veteran of PlayStation and Rakuten analytics. I've written an ebook to walk you step-by-step through setting up flexible, future-ready analytics for your project. Sign up now for four free tips to get started and a free cheat sheet that tells you which tools to use.


What's In The Ebook:

Analytics for Indies, my ebook, shows you step-by-step how to set up great analytics for your project. My experience with billion-dollar apps will ensure that your setup is stable and ready for the future.

Here's what chapters are in the book:

-Which tools to use, and how to set up the accounts
-Setting up basic code
-Tracking revenue and why you should do it
-Tracking unique users (in a way that respects privacy)
-Connecting marketing campaigns and traffic sources to revenue
-Tracking errors, so that you know what blocks users from paying you
-Tracking other interactions - is that video trailer valuable?

All in all, you can accomplish in a couple hours what a seasoned analytics engineer would charge tens of thousands of dollars for on a consulting basis.

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